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About Us

Today WMGW Brand's are available in the Amazon, Apple, Yahoo TV, Samsung Smart Hub and Google App stores and Microsoft window tablets, computers & phones . All brands are in front of 25 million cable subscribers internationally in 14 countries and 750K broadband subscribers of KPN IPTV, a telecom in the Netherlands.

WMGW associated Mobile Apps are available on over 1.4 Billion Android and iOS mobile devices, along with being available on 90 million Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG, Toshiba & over 360 million Window devices.

WMGW has spearheaded the global distribution for various cable and satellite networks and channels that appear on the Dish Network and The On Demand platform. A few of WMGW’s TV/film projects include The Leah Daughtry Story and the Ground Breaking film (Angel’s Can’t Help But Laugh) featuring 25 of the top Actresses in Hollywood. WMGW has also served as Executive Producer of exclusive music videos, lifestyle and entertainment programs as well.

WMGW has an existing catalog of over 10,000 CD’s, Digital Downloads, Independent Films, Audio Books , Ringtones and DVD titles that are distributed in over 114 countries, covering music from various genres such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel, Pop, World, R+B and Dance.

WMGW distributes over 60 entertainment and multi-media companies, helping to continue bringing awareness to each brand while enabling independent content owners to reach hundreds of outlets around the world with a comprehensive and unique technology platform that provides distribution, marketing and internet business services with efficiency and control via top digital, mobile, and online retailers such as iTunes, Spotify, Verizon,, Emusic and Rhapsody, etc.

WMGW’s Production and Distribution credits include artists such as The Jazz Crusaders, Duke Ellington, Grover Washington Jr., India Arie, and Legendary hip hop artists Just Ice, KRS-1, and Keith Murray, as well as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members Ben E. King, Martha Reeves, and Solomon Burke. 

Targeted Social Media and Marketing Strategies

WMGW Distribution understands the need to combine brand awareness with traditional marketing tools and modern social media technologies via online campaigns. The Internet empowers individuals to reach huge global audiences in innovative and unique ways. Independent distribution companies are fueling this revolution by allowing podcasters, bloggers, internet radio programmers, social networks, websites, to easily and efficiently discover new music, video, and films.

Social media marketing can take a variety of forms and be executed from a range of angles, and with the rest of the WMGW ‘s Internet marketing team, we will help you to make strategic decisions for your label or production company. Setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account is easy, but It takes a special kind of targeted social media strategy to cultivate and project your Internet presence. When WMGW distributes a company’s products and content, our first priority is to understand the artist/company and its short and long-term goals. WMGW then prepares a strategic plan for utilizing social media to attain those objectives and increase awareness.

Most importantly, we then work in partnership with you to implement that plan and to utilize social media as a way to enhance your interaction with current and potential fans and customers. A successful artist has to understand how to effectively use today’s social networking tools and keep a keen eye on emerging trends in technology. WMGW Distribution can propel you toward your goals

Just-Ice & KRS-One


Drew Dunbar

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