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BK Royston Publishing

BK Royston Publishing is a publishing company established in 2008 to publish high quality and enjoyable inspirational materials for all ages. BK Royston Publishing has assisted several authors with receiving the guidance, information and services necessary to complete and publish a high quality publication. BK Royston Publishing stays on the cutting edge of publishing by providing publications in multiple formats including paperback, hard back, eBook, Kindle and mobile device.

BK Royston Publishing is operated by husband and wife duo Julia & Brian Royston. Julia is a teacher, songwriter, worship leader, author and publisher residing in Jeffersonville, Indiana. To her credit, Julia has written original music for 5 Music CDs, 2 DVDs, authored 15 Books, a contributing author in 3 more books and there is 1 children’s book in the works. Julia and her husband oversee the operation of BK Royston Publishing, LLC with currently 23 signed authors to provide quality, informative, inspirational and entertaining materials in the global market place in all media formats. 

BK Royston Publishing works with you to decide your target market, develop your marketing plan, and give guidance to completing your manuscript.

BK Royston Publishing will walk you through the self publishing process. Provide information on how to set up your own publishing company, how to get your books online and how to market and promote your work.

“Message to the Masses” it is time to Monetize Your Message!

The book, workbook and the 10-part audio and video series explores ways that can actually get the message of your business, organization, product or service in a multitude of ways to be delivered to the world. 

BK Royston Publishing, Inc. provides full distribution of its hard copy and eBook publications through the following U. S. distribution outlets:

  • Amazon
  • Ingram
  • Baker & Taylor
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Espresso Book Machine