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Christian Library On Demand 

Christian Library On Demand is a Christian entertainment company specializing in Christian and family-friendly TV shows and movies. CLD offers FREE promos, preview, trailers and subscriptions to full length TV shows and movies on the Christian Library on Demand Mobile App and EnLive Smart TV App. Christian Library On Demand offers a resource for Christian communities to access entertainment which reflects their values.

Do you feel that the main stream culture no longer represents who you are or what you believe? Well Christian Library On Demand is here to serve you! CLD brings you entertainment with information and encouragement. When you support CLD, you help produce better quality content with more Christian perspectives.

Christian Library On Demands knows families are looking for a source of safe entertainment, as well as programming that offers the opportunity to introduce issues and topics that make for "teachable" moments and quality discussions. CLD's offerings include kid's shows, movies, documentaries, music videos, lifestyle, drama and more providing a safe venue for whole family to enjoy. 

Rapper Jordan Copas

& his new album "Copacetic"!

Jordan is a true minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. COPACETIC AVAILABLE ON CD in Christian Bookstores near you in FEBRUARY 2016!

L.A. Mass Choir

& Their new Single "You Gave Me The Confidence"!

We are excited to announce the release of the first single on the new LA Mass Choir album "You Gave Me the Confidence" by Cynthia Bass, Jeralynthia Banks, Nikki Irvin, & Tony Wilkins. Now Available online in digital stores worldwide.

The Original Little Ark Male Chorus

& Their new Album "Old Time Religion"!

The Original Little Ark Male Chorus has released their new single "I am on the Battlefield" which available worldwide.